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Software Engineer iOS
(since Oct 2016)

Working @ eos.uptrade GmbH (A Siemens company)
(since Oct 2019)

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Meet & Greet - List Pagination in SwiftUI

How to add support for paginated API responses to SwiftUI lists

12 Aug 2019

Learn and Master Remote Image View in SwiftUI

Fetching, caching, error, and loading view

12 Aug 2019

Learn & Master ⚔️ Type Erasure in 6 Minutes

Type Erasure explained through common use cases

22 Jul 2019

Meet & Greet — Advanced Lists in SwiftUI

Implement a dynamic list with empty, error, and loading state

14 Jul 2019

Learn & Master ⚔️ SwiftUI basic components in 10 minutes

How to implement basic UI components in SwiftUI

2 Jul 2019

VIPER 🐍 Architecture Evolution for iOS

Improvements over time to an existing Architecture pattern

27 Jan 2019